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This is a rev. & repost of an article originally posted on 12/10/2015


Greetings and Salutations to All Black Horse Troopers past and present, Families, and Friends of the Regiment

I write this from my desert hideaway somewhere in the bush of Nevada. The wind is howling outside and I can feel the temperature drop as the sun goes down. Funny I think, how it's hard for some folks to understand just how cold it can get in the desert at this time of year!

Most of you, regardless of where you currently live, or where you have served or are serving now; know first hand just how the desert cold seems to penetrate to the very bone, and it comes when you least expect it; because after all, it is the desert!

So I write to you all tonight from such a place as I pray for your Peace and Safety, and wherever you are you will remember and never forget those nights in the bush; when in service to your country, you hung in there throughout some of the worst conditions this planet had to offer.

The performance of duty regardless of weather, rain, sleet and snow, the wind, dust storms, temperature, or location; the Philippines, on the border with Mexico, Europe, S.E. Asia, Middle East deserts; was never called into question for those who realized what it was all about. You welcomed adversity, the challenge of overcoming obstacles that would have turned away many others. Sometimes we had to be tougher than tough, stronger than strong and willing to go the extra mile, both mentally and physically; for each other, our individual unit, the Regiment, and Our Country. Standing Tall and Proud became ingrained in each of us, so much so as to last a lifetime.

We knew, we saw, and understood the cost of FREEDOM first hand! Whether in the steamy, rotten jungles of S.E. Asia, on the border of East and West Germany, or the deserts of the Middle East. And though we may have lost friends along the way, we survived to live and fight another day.

And so troopers another day has arrived, that may be more dangerous and demanding on us than ever before. Terrorism, as cowardly as it is, lay now at our very doorstep. We who have served under the banner of this great nation, are now summoned back to duty, some of you on active duty now, some as civilians; to defend our very homes if necessary, from a foe that has no scruples, no honor; no mercy, no borders, and absolutely no fear of death.

But we are Americans, aren't we! All of us! And if we can stick together while we strive to restore and protect the Constitution and the God-given right to the personal Freedoms we hold so dear, we will not only survive the battles to come; we will grow stronger individually and together.

We are at the time of year when brotherhood is a concept that should be forefront in our minds. So as you, my brothers and sisters celebrate this Holiday Season, remember that concept, that is, when we stand together as Americans, as one people, we are at our best and at our strongest!

Be Blessed, As we ask God to Bless America again, as He has blessed us so abundantly in the past!

PSG Sabin

Allons and NO SLACK!

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Comment by Russell Twine on January 19, 2016 at 9:00am

Hi Nick, I remember how cold it got in the California high desert (Mojave) Lived there 4 years, before moving to Seattle.

Comment by Greg Hallmark on December 21, 2015 at 10:31am

Outstanding! Thank you, SSG Sabin.

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