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Jan.1,1969-Vietnam- SFC Rodney Yano, Air Cav Troop, earns Medal Of Honor (posthumous).


Rank: Sergeant First Class
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: Air Cavalry Troop
Division: 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Born: 13 December 1943, Kealakekua Kona, Hawaii
Departed: Yes
Entered Service At: Honolulu, Hawaii
G.O. Number:
Date of Issue: 
Accredited To:
Place / Date: Near Bien Hao, Republic of Vietnam, 1 January 1969

Sfc. Yano distinguished himself while serving with the Air Cavalry Troop. Sfc. Yano was performing the duties of crew chief aboard the troop's command-and-control helicopter during action against enemy forces entrenched in dense jungle. From an exposed position in the face of intense small arms and antiaircraft fire he delivered suppressive fire upon the enemy forces and marked their positions with smoke and white phosphorous grenades, thus enabling his troop commander to direct accurate and effective artillery fire against the hostile emplacements. A grenade, exploding prematurely, covered him with burning phosphorous, and left him severely wounded. Flaming fragments within the helicopter caused supplies and ammunition to detonate. Dense white smoke filled the aircraft, obscuring the pilot's vision and causing him to lose control. Although having the use of only 1 arm and being partially blinded by the initial explosion, Sfc. Yano completely disregarded his welfare and began hurling blazing ammunition from the helicopter. In so doing he inflicted additional wounds upon himself, yet he persisted until the danger was past. Sfc. Yano's indomitable courage and profound concern for his comrades averted loss of life and additional injury to the rest of the crew. By his conspicuous gallantry at the cost of his life, in the highest traditions of the military service, Sfc. Yano has reflected great credit on himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.

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