Blackhorse forever.

well let's see..Delta Company, Tank Company (Yoda),Jeff Bailey, Pete Martindale, Steve Solomon, Tom Pooler, Curtis Ingram,John Walsmley,Deputy Dawg Evenson, Jewell, Evans, Klaus Hensley.. DAMN we produced more Master Gunners than anyone! I ended up going to the course after I left Fulda. Spent the last two of my tour in Bravo Troop, 1SG Doug Shoemaker,Cpt Walter "Bucky" Fulmer the third (BTW,met your nephew) Still looking to find my old drinking partner Don Schmidt SFC RET. Don and I ran the Tank section 3 and 4 plt with HQ and HHT tanks tossed in  SSG Nuegent was our MG but he dumped a lot on Don and  I (yeah,he did, but it was a great learning experience). I became a MG at M1 and M1A1 NETT teams,was the roll-over team MG at the start of Desert Storm, and still never got pulled for duty  in SA and Kuwait, MG at Schwinefurt, MG at Ft Riley, Retired in 1997, never made E7.  Spend time since retirement arguing with VA, Working as a contractor (it ain't all it's cracked up to be) and teaching young NCO's how to Fire Tanks, inspect weapons, order supplies, run training rooms, Run Motor pools. I am a qualified Master Driver, Master Gunner, Master Instructor, Instructor Trainer, US ARMY Gunsmith III, Instrument Mechanic, Commercial Auditor (ISO)and nowadays a Quality Manager.

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