Blackhorse forever.

Looking for soldiers who served in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) along the border between 1986 and 1988 - 58th Combat Engineer Company.


I am looking for soldiers who served in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) along the border between 1986 and 1988 - who were stationed with the 58th Combat Engineer Company. I was in Support Platoon (Motorpool) during this post.

I am interested in photos and anecdotes about our time there.

Civilian friends also welcome (Johannesburg Soccer Team, Alt Hersfeld Bar, etc.)

Sincerely - Peter "Joby" Polansky - Company Vehicle Dispatcher - SPC-4

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Comment by Peter Job Polansky on February 2, 2011 at 10:57am

Hi!  Thanks for replying to my blog.  Great to hear from you.  Everyone there in the 58th Red Devils knew me as "Joby" as opposed to Peter.  As a dispatcher back then it is hard for me to remember everyone there.  There were 77 vehicles and about 126 of us I think...

I remember SFC Izaj now that you mention him.  He was from Boston or somewhere on the East Coast. 

Captain Hill was there also when I arrived in 1986 who later was replaced by Captain Bleakley. 

I worked for CWO3 Ferran & SGT Wood as well as SFC Harris, but Ferran died tragically in a car accident shortly thereafter and I wound up working for the latter of the two.

Do you remember 1SG Costello or 1SG Billie Scott? 

Did you drive a vehicle at any point?

I have all sorts of stuff from the 58th CEC.  Most of it is at my grandmother's house in Wisconsin, as at the moment I have been overseas in Spain - I will be returning to see her this summer so I will have a look. 

I also have some really good websites if you are interested. 

I visited the base in 2003 just to see what it looked like.  While it is no longer a base anymore, little has changed.  I have photos if you wish to see what it looks like today. 

Have you stayed in touch with anyone else?  Did you stay in or get out of the Army? 

My email is, or you can also reach me at too. 

I will have a quick look to see if I have the logo.

Stay in touch now!




Comment by Abel Ramoz on January 31, 2011 at 4:20pm
Hey Peter, I was in second platoon from 86-89.  Sfc Iza was my platoon sargent, and I remember a little shit called capt. hill.  I am looking for our logo for a jacket and a t-shirt.  I remember the red devil riding the black horse.  I would like to get a copy for the next vet-day parade.  I was a spc-4 when I left.  give me an e-mail, and i will see if i can help you remember about old times.

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