Blackhorse forever.

  • SSG Sabin. "Lifetime Member of The Border Legion"
  • lifetime member of "The Blackhorse Association"
  • last PSG, Aero Rifle Plt.
  • HQ Plt. Sgt., Support Trp. (Air),
  • NCOIC Flite Ops. after disbanding Air Troop and the ARP.

Looking for past members of Air Cav Trp, Air Rifle Plt and Lift Section, serving from 74-77 at Downs Bks Fulda.


  • Hoenfelds: NCOIC Combat in Cities training for V Corps. Staff.
  • Graf-down range running targets out for tank gunnery qualification 1975
  • Wildflicken/small arms qualification - snow blowing horizontaly-couldn't see targets - many experts made that day!
  • USAREUR Plt. Confidence Trng/Bad Tolz, Received Best plt. award (and it was the best plt!)    
  • French Commando School - Trier - the commando run every morning explains the contenental breakfast!
  • Reforger- Running TOC for Flight Opns.
  • Various aggressor opns run against elements of the Regiment during FTX.
  • Poviding armed security for USAREUR/ V Corps staff at field meeting near Heinbach? (can't remember exactly where). Interesting interaction with two German civilians on horseback who insisted on riding up to the meeting! (they didn't like us to much!)
  • Numerous Border Patrols within "the gap" . One such patrol recieved incoming fire from East German Border Gaurds at the anti-vehicular ditch.

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Comment by SSG Sabin (LRRP/ARP) NO SLACK! on October 20, 2014 at 10:43am

Only one Terence. An NCO (E-6 or 7- can't remember now), first name 'Tom'

Comment by Terence D. Jackson on August 27, 2014 at 1:43am

Attempting to locate anyone who was assigned to the 58 CEC, Down Barracks, from 1977-80.Fulda Germany.

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