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Looking for the HHT Maint 1/11 68/69

Looking for the troops from the HHT 1/11 Maint . In 1968/69, July 68-Sept 69. Drop me a line. I.m real bad with names.  Old age.  E-mail

     Black Horse

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This is a rev. & repost of an article originally posted on 12/10/2015


Greetings and Salutations to All Black Horse Troopers past and present, Families, and Friends of the Regiment

I write this from my desert hideaway somewhere in the bush of…


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Unable to attend on the 20th

Sad I must report that I will not make the re-dedication of the 11th ACR's memorial on the 20th, as I am a crossing guard and my kids need me there. I will announce when I plan to go so any troopers around (Middle Georgia) can join us if they wish. It is looking like some time next month when were off on break.

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amelia herbert

 sorry, but I'm at a loss. who are you ,from were do you know me.

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Tank Delta 66

Joseph Protsman,
Hi Joseph Protsman, I do remember you, I guess you don't remember me. I was in the 3rd platoon and Sterling Cooper was my roommate. Remember you, Chesbro, and myself attended BNCOC at Viseck, West Germany together in 1978.
Hope to hear from you soon. Allons!!!

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Welcome to Cavland Mel Sanch

Hi Mel Sanch, I would like to welcome you to Cavland. I don't know if you remember me, my name is Dozier Thomas. I was in Delta Company, 3rd Plt. Starling Cooper was my roommate. The pictures that you put on Cavland brought the past back. I would like to say Thank You. Hope to hear from you soon. Allons!!!!

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Me since Fulda

well let's see..Delta Company, Tank Company (Yoda),Jeff Bailey, Pete Martindale, Steve Solomon, Tom Pooler, Curtis Ingram,John Walsmley,Deputy Dawg Evenson, Jewell, Evans, Klaus Hensley.. DAMN we produced more Master Gunners than anyone! I ended up going to the course after I left Fulda. Spent the last two of my tour in Bravo Troop, 1SG Doug Shoemaker,Cpt Walter "Bucky" Fulmer the third (BTW,met your nephew) Still looking to find my old drinking partner Don Schmidt SFC RET. Don and I ran the…


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Looking for troopers who seved in Fulda HHt from 1974 to 1978

Hi I' Barry Swan severd in Fulda Germany from 1974 to 1978.  Fisrt I was with teh redeye section (SFC Kerby) was our section leader.  Then I went to the motorpool when our MOS change.  SFC Mott was the mortor sgt.  Anyone out there.  I merried a Germany girl and we are still together after almost 38 years.  We go back to Fulda often to vist her family.

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Veterans Day spotting

I was following a red ranger pickup in Covington, wa today (Veterans Day) when I noticed a big black horse emblem on the tailgate, armor sticker, 11th ACR. Licence plate frame, Viet Nam Combat Vet 70-71, etc, but could not catch him.

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looking for anyone who served with my father in HHT 67-68 1ST SGT Raymond S Kuhns

He pasted away January

4th 1984 an was interned in old Arlington in view of Robert E. Lees past residence just where he wanted to be

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BH Truck

So I am at the Perry, Ga VAMH outreach center getting my monthly blood test and this is what I see. I told him that there's a bunch of us on W.O.T. (World of Tanks) and there are several of us here in Perry area and we can be found on FB. Argo is doing well for those that might know…


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Want to see how the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment became a legend check out

Want to see how the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment became a legend check out…


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SSG Doug Burns from A Troop passed away the end of Dec.  He had fought a long battle with cancer.  RIP Doug!

SSG Doug Burns from A Troop passed away the end of Dec.  He had fought a long battle with cancer.  RIP Doug!


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with so many people unaware of the severity of this crisis i feel obligated to try and make as many people aware of whats going on and i hope you all feel the same. i find kevin blanch to be very inspiring with a set of balls as big as any cav trooper. DO NOT EAT ANY FISH FROM THE PACIFIC!

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the Brotherhood

Thanks to my Blackhorse brothers Harmon & Myrick for educating me about Cavland.  Regards, Your kamerad, Sgt A  aka Gary

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The Horse

Colonel Snodgrass , Sir the Horse got himself turned around. Test and tune was sucessful and we slowed the car right where we wanted it to run. 7.05 at 98+ Mph

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members of the 'Horse in the Boson Area,contac me.

looking for fellow troopers in the Boston area.,me in Rockland,G/trp.6869

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GENERAL ,CROWE, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of you friend and fellow trooper Andy Anderson I have heard some stories about him , He was a horse soldier and moved up in the nco ranks to master sergeant, the man saw it all he was cav all the way, guys like you and andy are few and far apart,May he rest peacefully in fiddlers green, Now you are the oldest cav trooped alive and I have to say it was an honor to serve with you in Fulda , god bless IORN HORSE SIR. Staff sergeant Laymon…


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Thank You

Seldom does anyone remember telling an individual anything at a picnic. Mike you are the exception . You know what I am talking about. Thank you very much. It certainly had a effect. Allons Errol 67/68

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