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Fox Troop 2/11 ACR. Bad Kissigen, W. Germany. (calling all Fox Troopers_

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click on link to fox troop facebook page

I was with Fox Troop 2/11ACR while it was stationed in Landshkut, Germany and we maned a border camp near the Czechoslovak border (Camp Whalen).  Are there any organizations that include those who served therein the early 1960's?


Herbert Simpkins


maybe if you go to the link above..and post it......never know.  we got em from 70's

Dave , I don't know if you remember me. I was a Psg in F ox Troop with Gary Albers, G Thomas, K Fatula, B Harmon, J Myrick and whole bunch of other great guys. Remember the Duke of Nuke? He was something else. I want to wish all you Fox Troop all the best and hope we can all stay in touch. If anyone knows Greg Thomas email let me know .

     It really is good to see you all. Roger

Who can forget the master gunner! Wow most of them are on fb. Thomas, Harmon, etc
Go to the link above and it should send you to the Fox troop group!

Thanks Dave , great to hear from you. I will be talking to you soon


 I was the CFV Troop Master Gunner from 1994-1996.  I spent 20 years in the Army and the best unit i served was F TRP 2/11th ACR.  Fox Ready

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