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My name is Ken Gulledge and I was a Medic with Headquarters Troop from 73-75. After spending so much time there I am missing something that probably all of you who served there have at home on your wall or with your Army papers.. When I ETS'ed back in Aug of 75 everyone was at Graf and I spent my last 2 weeks in the army by myself as I completed my out processing. Any way I didn't receive my border certificate or my Fiddlers Green poster. I feel as though I was shorted because of this , So I was going to see if anyone had extra copies blanks or good scans of theirs so I could recreate the ones I never received .Any .help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken Gulledge  I can be contacted at

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If you received a border certificate, it's because HQ Regiment had received a recommendation from someone in your chain of command that you should have one. If you didn't, it's on someone in that same chain.

Each one was hand signed by the RCO. They were not given to every trooper that served on the border, just because they had been there. If you did not receive one it's because of that, not because someone forgot to give you one.

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