Blackhorse forever.

My name is Todd Fry & I'm looking for any one who was stationed in Fulda the same time as I was. I was with HHT-Regiment from January 1983 to July 1984. I'm looking forward to talking to any one who was in Fulda the same time as I was.


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My name is Dwight Mohler and I was NCOIC of REGT Border OPS 83-84.

Tim St.Martin, I was in Air Troop on Sickles Army Airfield June 83-Sept84. We were there in Fulda, spent most of my free time in The Irish Pub downtown.

Todd go on Facebook and punch up( The Allons Dayroom 11th ACR Blackhorse) Their are several Trooper that served during that time fram and several other groupes as well Allons

Todd my name is Ray Barnhart and i was with RS-3 Oct. 82 to Mar. 84. I was the driver of HQ-35, a M151A1 and then the ALO's M113 driver.

Todd I am betancourt. I was driver for small cotton and col crow..where were you? What section and troop?

I was with the 58th Engr until Jul 83, my ex-wife, Teresa Butler, was the secretary for the S-3 for the 1/11th ACR.  I drove for the CO and an APC.

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